Design. Iterate. Manufacture additively.

Topologx focuses on quality and sustainability of the material and the process alike. We take pride in our knowledge about design for additive manufacturing, and the quality of our powders.Our reputation is underpinned by a portfolio of various projects. Moreover, we work with different metals such as titanium and aluminum but also alloys.We provide customizable materials, suited directly to your needs. Our customers value the possibility of iteration and customization of the materials. Also, we dedicate ourselves to making AM accessible to everyone.This is why we commit ourselves to training other companies by providing consultancy and workshops about Design for Additive Manufacturing. Our trainees value the easy-going atmosphere of the training sessions, as well as their content.Moreover, our facilities make use of the largest 3D printer in the Benelux region (EOS M400).  This helps us maintain the quality of the parts printed with it.Additionally, our industrial engineers’ expertise and our ground-breaaking 3D printing facilities contribute to the overall innovative experience of additive manufacturing. They are always pleased to help you with any query or question that you might have about additive manufacturing.We see additive manufacturing as a process that has multiple steps. Therefore, we are here to help you every step of the way (from the sketch all the way to the prototype and the final project).Our goal is to bring additive manufacturing closer to you. This is why we commit ourselves to providing high-quality consultancy and training, suited exactly to your needs. This way we can give you a personalized experience of 3D printing, and help you achieve your goals with this great technique.