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topolog b.v.

Urmonderbaan 22
Gate 2, building 4
6167 RDĀ Sittard-Geleen
The Netherlands

The new generation of additive manufacturing.

We are Topologx, an additive manufacturing company based in Geleen, the Netherlands.

We strive to make AM (additive manufacturing) more sustainable. We also want to (slowly but surely) drive AM into the mainstream of production. How do we do it? The answer is simple.

TlogX process approach consists of the following steps:


We provide the assessment for AM, the help with the design, and the material (the Tlogx powder). Moreover, we also help with the prototyping and optimization of the part that you aim to print.

In order to make AM (additive manufacturing) a safe way of production, we provide an all-round guidance about design for additive manufacturing.

We provide you with the whole package – the 3D printability assessment, the durable manufacturing material, as well as the consultancy and training about additive manufacturing. Moreover, we also provide a safe experimenting ground, where you can determine yourself, whether AM suits your needs.


Who we are:





additive manufacturing design material